Encouragement for Thursday

The church family has had quite a few members and loved ones move from this earthly life to the presence of Jesus during the past year. This week brings remembrance of another of these, Robert Erick. At times of the passing of believers I am often reminded of a song that speaks about the passing from this world into Jesus’ presence. We try to imagine what it will be like but won’t really appreciate it until it happens. What we can see only unclearly here and now will be clear and glorious.

The song is “Windows of Home,” originally recorded by the Gold City quartet. When I belonged to a quartet years ago, we also performed this song. I have had the opportunity to sing it hundreds of times, I am sure. That is probably why it comes so readily to my mind. I think it was my mother’s favorite song of all the ones that we did over the years. When she passed away, I had it included as one of the songs in her memorial service. At that time I believe it took on even more meaning for me (“Looks like my loved ones want me to come home…”).

Remember your loved ones that have joined Him, and be blessed by listening to Ivan Parker and Gold City:

Take heart and be encouraged!

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