Encouragement for Thursday

Like most of you, hymns and worship songs mean a lot to me. At various times throughout the week, probably when I need their message, they pop into my mind. Sometimes other songs do too. I was reminded of a song this week that was one of those other songs from many years ago. I am sure in the past I have shared other songs by Keith Green. He was a popular Christian musician from a period about 40 years ago. He and his wife Melody wrote songs that seemed to dig to the heart of what believing in God, accepting Christ, and living for Him meant. Unfortunately he and two of his young children left their earthly lives in a plane crash when he was only 29. His wife carried on the ministry to the less fortunate that they had begun together.

The song that I would like to share speaks of the goal and attitude I would like to always bear in mind. I hope that it means the same for you. It also fits in precisely with the message of Philippians we have been studying. Please listen to “Make My Life a Prayer to You”:

Take heart and be encouraged!

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