Encouragement for Thursday

A few weeks ago I shared a hymn that was written as a prayer- “Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us.” For some reason I have had musical prayers coming to mind lately. Another one stopped to visit today. Many years ago when I was young one of the Christian groups that I heard a great deal of music from was Petra. The style of their songs was varied, with some being mellow and beautiful, while others were more of a driving rock style. The style of their music would not be considered as hymn or worship music. Regardless, some of their songs carried some of the strongest personal messages about Scripture and your personal journey of faith that I have heard. If you want to listen to songs that will really make you look inwardly, listen to their songs “Judas’ Kiss,” or “Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows.” Others like “Road to Zion” are calming and reassuring. The Petra song about prayer that came to mind is appropriately and simply titled “Prayer.” The song was based on teachings from 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18, Ephesians 6:18-19, and Matthew 6:9-13. Following are a couple of the verses:

First, I want to thank You, Lord

For being who You are

For coming to the rescue

Of a man who’s drifted far

For calling me to be Your son

And calling me to serve

Lord, the way You’ve blessed my life

Is more than I deserve

Keep the ones I love so dearly

Fill their emptiness while I am gone

And fill the loneliness in me, in me

Let me be the evidence

Of what Your grace can do

To a generation struggling

To find themselves in You

May they come to know the love of God

May their eyes be made to see

Give me the opportunity to share

The truth that sets them free

And may unity in all things

Be the banner of Your church

And let revival’s fire begin to burn

Begin to burn

These, another verse, and the chorus of the song are all the types of prayers that I would like to make– honest reflection of where I once was, where I am, and how God can use me. I am glad there are different types of music to reach me, and all of us. I think we all learn when we hear Scriptural truth and Godly reflection coming from unexpected places. I know I am spiritually richer for it. Please watch and listen to Petra sing “Prayer.”

Take heart and be encouraged! 


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